Halloween costumes that cost less

October 12, 2020

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I know that'll split my readership into a couple of camps (some more festively decorated than others). American friends will probably be thinking 'girl, where have you been?! Halloween started on October 1st', while UK friends will either be team 'Heck yes to sugar highs' or 'Trick or Fuck off'. Wherever you fall, I'm pretty sure most will be on board with a pocket friendly way to satisfy fancy dress requirements.


One big way to save on costumes is to have them perform double duty- creating costumes from reusable basics that can go into general circulation, meaning that twenty quid outlay isn't done and dusted after one wear (especially for those of us with little littles who grow a few inches if you're not looking, so seasonal clothes really are one and done).

A heavy lifter in this department is pajamas. There are always great options for character pajamas, buy them a little larger (who doesn't buy clothes larger than their actual child?!) put some layers underneath if trick or treat plans are alfresco, and bosh- Spider Man is ready to party... then kip for the next few months of nights. 

We've gone for skeletons this year from Marks and Sparks- but here are a few of my others favs from around the high street at the moment (click on the pictures to go to the site- non affiliate):

Tiger Fleece Onesie from John Lewis- £22, 3-12 years / Skeleton Pajamas from Marks and Spencer- £11, 12 month to 7 years

Pink Fleece Cat Face Pajamas from Asda - £7, 1.5 to 14 years / Girls Unicorn Onesie from Matalan - £14, 6-13 years

Dinosaur Fleece Onesie from Amazon - £12.99-15.99, 6-13 years / Nasa Astronaut Pajamas from eBay- £14.99, 3-4 years


Apologies for striking fear into the hearts of the less-than-homemade-inclined, but bare with me- this shouldn't hurt. DIYing can really be one of the cheapest and easiest options if you keep it simple, who doesn't love a kid under a sheet shouting 'woooooooooooo'?!

But if you want something a little cuter than two hole in a tablecloths then why not make a little mummy out of your mummy-loving little one. 

You will need:

-Black fabric pen or permanent marker...

... and if you want to be fancier:

-Black and white felt 
-Green felt or pen
-Needle and thread

Place a card inside the onesie so that the in doesn't bleed through to the other side, then draw angled horizontal lines across the sleep suit- try not to overlap them, when you hit another line stop- so it looks like overlapping bandages.

If you're keeping it super simple use the pen to draw two circles for eyes on the chest area, and colouring the pupils. If you've got a little more patience and inclination, cut out circles from white, green (if you're using it- you can just colour a circle of green using a felt tip pen) and black felt to make eyes. 

Sew the felt pieces onto the onesie- you *could* glue them but for safety's sake I'd always sew extras onto a baby onesie just in case little finger pick and peel things off which could become choking hazards.

This would also work on a larger white sweatshirt and joggers for bigger kiddos- or a light grey set which would be much easier to get ahold of!

Et Voila! One mini mummy.

Other ideas for DIYing little people costumes are:

  • Draw or sew felt triangles onto a orange onesie or sweatshirt and joggers/tights to be a pumpkin
  • Make some faux fur ankle and wrist cuffs, and a collar for a black or brown outfit, also cut out two triangles and fix to hair clips or an Alice band for ears to be a werwolf (or a much friendlier pup!) 
  • Stuff two pairs of black tights with newspaper and safety pin to a black outfit clad kiddo for a spooky spider- or just stuff one leg, add some ears and you have a witches cat ready to prowl!


Pocket and environment friendly, finding a pre-loved costume is both conscientious and very kind to the budget. Whether you've got the time and mask wearing stamina for a mooch about the charity shops, or are an eBay bidding champ- there's plenty to be had on the second hand racks and search results to keep halloween fans happy.

Another great places to find preloved costumes- especially for parents of multiples who want matching outfits (which is a hard ask of the local chazzer)- are local facebook groups for parents of twins and multiples. 

No one can quite appreciate the sting of paying twenty quid for a piece of shitty polyester- that's going to be worn for a few hours- more than a parent who's got to buy two (or three!) identical pieces of shitty polyester. This works both ways, once you're done with your co-ord costumes, pop them back on the group to soothe your pocket a little more and bring some relief to the next parent trying to find three god dam minion costumes without remortgaging the house. 

Hopefully one of these ideas will help make the fancy dress frenzy less fuss and more fun- and if it does I'd love to know! If you've got any other idea, hints or tips for costumes that don't break the bank (or your last nerve) let me know- pop a comment below or you can find me on instagram @oh.hello.holly

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