Oh Boy Doughboy

June 25, 2014

I had heard mysterious tales of this Rhode Island institution ever since arriving in New England. Touted as a must-have item for any fairground trip my first experience of the doughboy was actually a savoury doughboy/pizza hybrid from the new Downcity Italian restaurant Rosalina.

The doughboy is essentially a pizza type bread dough that is deep fried until it's golden brown then topped with something. Traditionally it's powdered and granulated sugar, cinnamon is a pretty heavy theme Stateside so Cinnamon sugar is also a well known topping (and should, quite frankly, be mandatory).

The Rosalina fried dough was their take on the margarita pizza. Golden crisp dough is slathered in their home made, amazing red sauce then topped with parmesan, herbs, olive oil and some green scallions. It was incredible.

Had I only experienced one or the other I could resign myself to them being a treat one must acquire from a restaurant or fariground. But having been exposed to the mastery of both the sweet and savoury version I am going to HAVE to attempt to make these myself- if not just to pass on the knowledge to my British friends who may not have discovered the king amongst baked goods- The Doughboy.

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