Get s**t done: Productivity tips for stay at home wranglers of small children

February 22, 2019

Stop. Stop right now.

Before you read on I have to make it very clear that this post consists of ways that I have found help me be my most productive self on most days. 

On the days when there has been no sleep the previous night, someone/everyone is sick, or we are thrown some other lifeload curve ball, I am not my most productive self and these tips can, quite frankly (in the words of Justin Bieber) go love themselves.

Mama + Bae: Social media and kiddos

February 13, 2019

I started writing this post over a year ago, life got in the way and now we're here.

I've had 18 additional months of motherhood and insta-twatting to add to my experience and to mold my opinions on social media and children; and I'm still not entirely sure where I stand.

I have my hard and fast boundaries, and I have an idea of the boundaries that are (for now) hypothetical to my parenthood. They may change over time and as my boys are more capable of expressing how they want (or do not want) to be seen by the online world.

I like to share funny moments of parenting, and the things that make me want to play an extended version of hide and seek (with me as a very capable hider).  I'm conscious of protecting them by only making information about them available that would be freely given in conversation if we'd met at a playgroup; and try to be mindful of the grey area when something about me and my motherhood becomes something about them and their privacy.

Sweet spooks! Poltergeist puffs (that are more cute than creepy)

October 30, 2018

Halloween is nearly here and I'm having as much fun as the children! Halloween isn't a big deal in England (which is funny because trick or treating actually originated in neighboring Scotland). Even though most of us made the right of passage from 'Hocus Pocus' to 'The Craft' at some point in our teen years, Halloween really is for drunk uni students trying to wear as little as possible while they queue in the pissing rain to get into the local club's fright night binge drinking session (no judgement- I wore a mini dress made entirely of black duct tape in 2006 that was swiftly peeled off to reveal too much of my pre-babies bod 🤷).

Here in the States, Halloween is a child centric holiday (and not in a crowded around Linda Blair's bed kind of way). It's a night of dressing up in costumes, sugar overloading and giggle inducing spooky fun.