Sweet spooks! Poltergeist puffs (that are more cute than creepy)

October 30, 2018

Halloween is nearly here and I'm having as much fun as the children! Halloween isn't a big deal in England (which is funny because trick or treating actually originated in neighboring Scotland). Even though most of us made the right of passage from 'Hocus Pocus' to 'The Craft' at some point in our teen years, Halloween really is for drunk uni students trying to wear as little as possible while they queue in the pissing rain to get into the local club's fright night binge drinking session (no judgement- I wore a mini dress made entirely of black duct tape in 2006 that was swiftly peeled off to reveal too much of my pre-babies bod 🤷).

Here in the States, Halloween is a child centric holiday (and not in a crowded around Linda Blair's bed kind of way). It's a night of dressing up in costumes, sugar overloading and giggle inducing spooky fun.