Wean we, wean will, rock your tiny tummy: Sweetcorn Mac & Cheese

October 25, 2020

Like everything in baby world, weaning looks different for every parent and child... but people are going to have OPINIONS.

Best thing is to take advice from the professionals, use a great big dollop of common sense and parental intuition, and ultimately do what works for you and your baby. If that means starting with home made or supermarket bought smooth purees: excellent; If it means waiting until some teeth sprout and going for self feeding and finger foods: amazing; if it's any combination of those, plus or minus other ideas and approaches that are heathy in body and mind for you and your kiddo: FANFUCKINGTASTIC.

For the easy to read, no life story recipe, scroll to the bottom for a downloadable PDF

Happy Halloween Pandemic Style: Trick or Treat that'll keep Boris and his besties happy

October 19, 2020


Mask wearing this October 31st has a whole different meaning than it did last year. A bobbed apple a day *should* keep the doctor away, but maybe not in 2020- with new official restrictions and common sense dictating that parties, trick or treating, and the usual halloween celebrations are off the table, here's some ideas of how to keep the kiddos entertained.

Adventures: Barney's Play in Uckfield, East Sussex

October 14, 2020


Brilliant indoor soft play with a beautiful imaginative play village. Affordable entry prices and decent range of child and grown up friendly food. Covid considerations, safety, and cleanliness are excellent. Car park off of main road with plenty of spaces; two spotless toilets inside, with baby change facilities and toddler toilet seat and step in the larger accessible one. Soft play climbing area and imaginative play themed rooms for children, and a padded, enclosed play area with mini black lit sensory rooms for babies and toddlers.

Softplay. Both a blessing and curse to parents of small children. While they are a savior to those of us living on this soggy British island, they are more often than not sweaty vinyl padded altars to D&V.

If you have more than one small (but mobile) charge to wrangle, then size matters. You want the place not so small as to be boring, but also not so cavernous that you spend the entire time with your heart in your mouth, scanning the room for your missing child whilst faux-cheerfully screaming: 'stay together, STAY TOGETHER'. 

Halloween costumes that cost less

October 12, 2020

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I know that'll split my readership into a couple of camps (some more festively decorated than others). American friends will probably be thinking 'girl, where have you been?! Halloween started on October 1st', while UK friends will either be team 'Heck yes to sugar highs' or 'Trick or Fuck off'. Wherever you fall, I'm pretty sure most will be on board with a pocket friendly way to satisfy fancy dress requirements.