Hello Summer: Maternity Looks from Stylist Olivia Rodrigues

June 13, 2016

A few weeks back I had the absolute pleasure of having stylist Olivia Rodrigues put together some incredible summer maternity looks for me. 

Working with items for my existing wardrobe and advising on a select few new pieces that would compliment my existing style and changing shape, Olivia created a catalogue of outfits for me that will have me looking stylish right through to B-day and beyond!

Whether you're looking for a new perspective on what your closet already holds, advice on something new for a special occasion, or feel like it's time to change up your look, Olivia's talent and taste will have you feeling a million dollar in no time!

Tunic Top + White Denim

Olivia: This look is refreshing, breezy, and comfortable! Also this yellow top is so gorgeous on you, Holly! It’s the perfect look for the Farmer’s Market, no? 

Flowy pieces are great especially during the third trimester of a pregnancy; which is why I picked this blouse straight from Holly’s closet. It is a must-have! Pair it with one of the trendiest items of the season, which is a great white pair of jeans.

These ones are from Target’s Maternity line. Espadrilles are the rage every summer and this year is no different. I like these tan ones because they will complement any bright and colorful top; and for that reason, you can experiment with another bright piece too. Holly’s mint watch plays nicely with this yellow-white- brown combo.

Holly: This is my favourite outfit from our maternity style shoot! I love the airy, comfort of the tunic- especially as the weather is getting warmer, paired with the structure of the white jeans.

The sandals are super comfortable, I actually removed the ankle straps from this Old Navy pair making them simple slip on- SO much easier to step into and kick off when you can't see your toes!

Get the Look:


White Jeans



Maternity Striped Short Sleeve T-Shirt Dress

Olivia: I generally love a dress with a good stretch, and this black and white striped shirt dress is everything and more, particularly during pregnancy.  It is comfortable; and it has enough give in fabric on the sides to purposefully accommodate the growth of the bump, as well as the post-pregnancy body.

I like its versatility as well; you can wear it with a jean jacket on a cool summer night; or pair it with a biker jacket or trench coat in the fall. I love the addition of Holly’s converse sneaks here; they add glam’ and personality to the ensemble.

Holly: I love my bump so having something fitted that shows it off is wonderful! The slightly longer length of the dress is nice though as it still feels classy, and as my bump grows my hemline doesn't get too obscene!

The stripes are also really fun, but classic so it's a look that can go from doctors appointment to date night really simply.

Get the Look:

The Striped Shirt Dress

Jean Jacket


Or if you’d like personalize yours like Holly did, check out this post 

Empire Waist Wrap Dress + Blazer

Olivia: Empire waist is a style that flatters most pregnant women, whether it is a short dress or maxi. And I like that they don’t need to be “maternity” to be worn during the first and second trimesters. To find the perfect short-length wrap dress, it really comes down to checking all the angles and making sure there is ample coverage, and that nothing is peeking out. It will also come in handy after the baby arrives because it’s nursing friendly.

We paired Holly’s pink wrap dress with a blazer and strappy-wedged sandals, and accessorized with a statement necklace. It’s a great outfit to wear to a professional event, or a business meeting and if you need to transition into errand mode, simply remove the blazer.

Holly: This outfit made me feel professional and well put together, perfect for taking meetings or interacting with clients. The colour pop still let me feel like me though!

It was nice to add a little heel height to the outfit also, the wedges felt nice a stable even with my center of balance having wandered off with my waistline.

Get the Look:

The Wrap Dress



Cocktail Maxi Dress + Kimono

Olivia: This is the ultimate maternity outfit…Seriously a must-have! Holly, you look like THE Goddess of Summer…Yes, yes you totally do! This silk dress is a great example as to why shopping only in the maternity section is restrictive and will leave zero room for flexibility and creativity in terms of personal style during pregnancy. This dress is not a maternity piece; it is a cocktail maxi dress from Holly’s closet and provides enough room for the bump.

By layering with a printed floral kimono, the natural movement of the dress is amplified…the summer vibes now multiplied…giving the entire outfit an ethereal feel. With the geometric gold cuff and gold dangling earrings, there is just the right amount of shine for a special dinner al fresco at one of your favorite spots!

With this outfit, you could decide to go bold with bright colors and prints or opt for monochromatic pieces. All depends on your personal preferences!

Pregnancy is a such a precious time…Enjoy it while being creative with your wardrobe. Mix your maternity pieces with non-maternity clothes to add edginess without sacrificing comfort.

Holly: Though I haven't had any weddings to attend during my pregnancy, my wedding anniversary is coming up. If i'm still pregnant by then (which is touch and go seeing as these boys have other ideas!) this is the outfit i'll be wearing to celebrate with Charlie.

I love how the drape still shows off my pregnancy shape, but in a subtle and softened way... with my outie bellybutton making a cute little cameo!

I have loved every moment of being pregnant, but there have been some uncomfortable days along the way. Wearing colourful, beautiful outfits that support and compliment my changing shape has made me feel so special, and allowed me to cherish each day my tummy swells and these babies get a little bit bigger!

Get the Look:

Gold Sandals

Option 2

All photography by Brittanny Taylor


A Unplanned Babymoon!

June 04, 2016

Not my usual portrait style but authentic none the less! 

After some twinges that turned into not so twinges I'm having a little vacation on the ante partum floor of Women & Infants hospital! 

Team Vine remains a two-some rather than a four-some for the moment, but to make sure that stays the case for at least another 5 weeks I'll be setting up camp here for a few days and going on to home bed rest when I'm discharged... if it is sans babes in arms!

As such I'll be taking a little break from regular posting. I have a few posts in the bank that need some tweaks so hopefully it won't be complete radio silence from me, but for now I'll be putting my feet up rather than my apron on!

All of us are healthy, happy and calm, and are in the hands of excellent care givers in which we have utter confidence. Amusing snapchats, tweets and Netflix suggestions are appreciated! 😘 xo