Best of Rhode Island: Vote for Holly Likes to Cook!

April 08, 2015

Do you like my recipes, kitchen tips and British ramblings?

It goes against all of my Englishness to outright ask for you to vote for me, but here it is: Please vote for my blog to be considered in the best of RI Reader's Poll.

*cringing on the inside at shameless self promotion*

You do have to sign up to have your vote counted but if you have the time and inclination it would be much appreciated!

How to vote:

1) Click on the 'VOTE NOW' picture above to go to the voting site

2) Register or sign in with Facebook

3) Click the 'vote!' middle tab

4) in the first lot of categories in the 'Statewide' section, scroll down to find 'Local Lifestyle Blog'- that's me!

5) Fill it in with the name or address of my blog: 'Holly Likes to Cook' or ''

6) Show some love for other categories of RI favourites, or if you're in England treat it like the Grand National and take a punt with some names that sounds like a good idea.. you never know

7) Sumbit!

Thank you!

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