A Unplanned Babymoon!

June 04, 2016

Not my usual portrait style but authentic none the less! 

After some twinges that turned into not so twinges I'm having a little vacation on the ante partum floor of Women & Infants hospital! 

Team Vine remains a two-some rather than a four-some for the moment, but to make sure that stays the case for at least another 5 weeks I'll be setting up camp here for a few days and going on to home bed rest when I'm discharged... if it is sans babes in arms!

As such I'll be taking a little break from regular posting. I have a few posts in the bank that need some tweaks so hopefully it won't be complete radio silence from me, but for now I'll be putting my feet up rather than my apron on!

All of us are healthy, happy and calm, and are in the hands of excellent care givers in which we have utter confidence. Amusing snapchats, tweets and Netflix suggestions are appreciated! 😘 xo

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