DIY ribbon sweater

February 22, 2017

Whenever I have an event or occasion to attend I get a very specific idea in my head of what I want to wear. Not like I've seen an outfit I'd like to buy, or I fancy wearing something yellow, I mean I almost instantly get an idea for an entire outfit... whether or not it exists.

I, along with the rest of the aesthetic world, really like hand lettering. Instead of paint or an iron-on patch, this DIY uses ribbon to create a unique, handwritten design. You can adjust the ribbon to mimic your own handwriting, or use a print out of a script you like to work from

I wanted an oversize, baggy sweater to wear with skinny jeans. Something cute and unique I could throw on and look vaguely presentably in when I'm still actually wearing my pyjama top underneath.... no judgement please. You can use this DIY on any style shirt you fancy, with any pattern or design that suits your style. 

To make this shirt you will need:

-A sweater of your choice,- I used this one from Walmart for $7 
-Ribbon in your choice of colour- the only thing to check for is how well it drapes so that you can create your letters easily- I used this one from Walmart for $2.97
-Sewing pins
-Needle and thread in the same colour as your chosen ribbon
-Handwriting sample, written or printed (optional)- here are some great handwritten style fonts for inspiration

Start by hemming your ribbon so that the raw, cut edge won't fray. Fold over the edge of the ribbon, then fold it over itself again so that the raw edge is completely covered. Use your needle and matching thread to make some small, neat stitches to secure the hem.

Place your ribbon into your chosen word. I find a short, simple word works best. You don't want to work too small otherwise the loops and folds of the ribbon can get a bit complicated and difficult to read.

I chose 'hello' as I'm planning on wearing this sweater to The Lady Project Summit (which you should totally come to!) as I want it to be an easy conversation starter for all that networking and friend making!

Some other words that would work really well are:

Feel free to print out any of these for your design!

One you're happy with how your ribbon text looks (be sure to check it's positioned in the middle of your shirt), use dressmaking pins to secure it to the sweater.

I wanted the ribbon to keep a lot of its natural drapes and loops so I pinned as little as I needed to keep the ribbon securely in place.

Now that your motif is pinned and secure, you can slip on the shirt to make sure you're totally happy with the positioning and how the ribbon drapes when it's being worn vertically. Be careful of the pins!

It's also an excellent time to check you have accidentally pined the front and back panels of the shirt together by accident!

Once you're happy, get to sewing.

Try to use as small stitches as you can so that they aren't very visible on the ribbon- you want it to look like the ribbon is just casually thrown on the shirt. Choosing a thread that matches your ribbon REALLY well helps a lot!

It's easier to work with shorter lengths of thread than try and affix the whole word with one continuous line of stitches. I always use a double thread to add strength to my sewing, it also means the thread doesn't slip out of the needle.

Thread the needle and pull the end of the thread until it's inline with the other end. Hold the thread together and tie them in a double knot.

Secure your final stitch by sewing over it a couple of time on the inside of the shirt, then tying the thread into a tight knot.

TO care for your shirt, wash on a gentle cycle and spot treat any stains rather than washing your sweater on a heavy cycle- be gentle with your ribbon!

Did you try this DIY? I'd love to see! Post your DIY on instagram or twitter with my tag, or email it to me so I can see!

The shopping links in this post are only for the convenience of anyone that wants to buy the same materials I used, I do not earn anything from you shopping through them and this post is not sponsored by any of the features brands or products.

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