Paperless Post: There's a time for paper and a time for paperless & BLOSSOM + BLOT GIVEAWAY

August 22, 2018

It might sound pretty suspect for someone that owns a small stationery business (BLOSSOM + BLOT just so happened to be Rhode Island Monthly's Editor's Pick for best "Whimsical Stationery 2018" in case you didn't know *imagine my eyebrows wiggling at this point*) to say good things about a completely online greetings card service. But hear me out.

I made it clear in my GROUND RULES post that if I have the opportunity to work with a company with whom my interests align, I will. Being that I live 3000 miles away from the vast proportion of my family and that my time management skills have been decimated by two small humans, being able to send a card this simply and quickly via Paperless Post is pretty bloody awesome.

That being said I think there's a time and place for paper vs. paperless.


Wedding, christening, big event for which you have hired-somewhere-and-possibly-employed-a-florist = Paper

Kid's birthday party, back yard hang out, save the date, anything where the postage will cost more than the invitation itself= Paperless


Immediate family (especially if you live in the same country/house), someone to whom's party you've been invited, someone you see on a regular basis in real life = Paper

Someone who's address you don't know, a friend you don't see that often or lives abroad, when you forget and it is their actual birthday right now... = Paperless


Engagement, first child, first new home's address = Paper

Every subsequent child's birth (or, I mean, you do you- if the idea of walking to the post office with 100 birth announcements after tearing open your vagina/being cut in half makes you want to pretend you're still just 4 months overdue and the baby isn't here yet, go with paperless for the first kid too) = 

Unlike the e-cards of yore (because anything pre 2002 is now consider yore in internet terms) Paperless Post has some incredibly beautiful designs by designers such as Kate Spade, Rifle Paper co., and Hello!Lucky to name a few of my favourites.

You can create birthday, baby shower, wedding and Christmas cards (pretty darn excited about this one given the bill for Christmas card postage to the UK the last few years has been so prohibitive that I just ask if they got the card and look disappointed when they say it didn't arrive yet). You can also personalise cards with photographs which is fab for sending to grandparents.

When you sign up your account is credited with 25 coins, and there are some free ways to earn more (such as liking their facebook page). The Kate Spade card below that I sent to Charlie came to 5 coins   per recipient, the cost of the card is itemized in the top right hand corner of the page as you go along so you can keep tabs on what you're racking up. 

Coins cost between $2 and 11 cents each depending on how many you buy- the more coins per purchase the cheaper they are.

Right now Paperless Post don't do discount codes so I wasn't able to get one for you guys BUT this blog is about give and take so I wanted to offer you something to thank you for taking the time to read this. 

I asked the Paperless Post rep lady if they would be cool with me running a giveaway of my own BLOSSOM + BLOT cards as part of this post- like me, they also think there's a time for paper and a time for paperless so it was A OK with them. As much as i'm sure they aren't shaking in their boots at the though of B+B cutting into their margins, I liked their attitude towards staying in their lane whilst my little paper based business tagged along in the same post.

To talk about Paperless Post, which I have done honestly, I've been given some freebie coins in payment. So because I truly believe that there is a time for paperless I'm going to recommend you try out Paperless Post to make use of your free introductory 25 coins, and for the times that call for paper I'm giving away $20 of credit (equal to 100 coins on Paperless Post) to the BLOSSOM + BLOT Etsy store on any non-custom cards and prints minus shipping.

To enter to win, go to the instagram post of the title image of this post or comment below and tell me: Who you would send a paper card to and who you would send a paperless card to. 

The competition closes at 9am EST on August 29th.

Find more about Paperless Post at and more about BLOSSOM + BLOT at

Want to know more or talk about what I've written here? I'll be doing an Instagram story about this post and keeping it in my highlights- I'd love to hear your thoughts about paper vs. paperless and when you think the time for each is.

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