Sweet spooks! Poltergeist puffs (that are more cute than creepy)

October 30, 2018

Halloween is nearly here and I'm having as much fun as the children! Halloween isn't a big deal in England (which is funny because trick or treating actually originated in neighboring Scotland). Even though most of us made the right of passage from 'Hocus Pocus' to 'The Craft' at some point in our teen years, Halloween really is for drunk uni students trying to wear as little as possible while they queue in the pissing rain to get into the local club's fright night binge drinking session (no judgement- I wore a mini dress made entirely of black duct tape in 2006 that was swiftly peeled off to reveal too much of my pre-babies bod 🤷).

Here in the States, Halloween is a child centric holiday (and not in a crowded around Linda Blair's bed kind of way). It's a night of dressing up in costumes, sugar overloading and giggle inducing spooky fun.

When we moved into our current house two years ago, on October 21st to be exact, the neighbors who greeted us said two things: 'Welcome' and 'make sure you buy some candy'. Having had one solitary 'treater each year previously I was skeptical, but the suburbs lived up to their reputation as soccer-mom (and their soccer playing offspring) territory and we were INUNDATED with all manner of ghostfaces, minions and even a Trump.

The boys still aren't completely caught up with the spooky fun, so we join in but I try and keep my pinterest perfection inclined anxieties locked down. This year they have Woody and Buzz costumes (which are actually pajamas a few sizes too big, so I can dress them warmly underneath and they'll get some wear out of them in the coming year) and my home made crafts are staying simple, with the less said about the Snapchat puppy costume-making-induced-meltdown of 2016 the better.

So if you fancy a little extra 'boo' without the added 'boo-ASTARD MOTHER FUCKING GLUE GUN' burns then these marshmallow monsters should be right up your trick or treating street.

You will need:

  • Marshmallows
  • Candy eyes- found in the cake decorating aisle of most grocery stores or craft stores
  • Food safe black marker- also in the baking section of the grocer/craft store. NOT A SHARPIE.
Dab a little water on to (or if they're for your own/your kid's consumption, lick) the back of the candy eyes and press onto the marshmallow- the location can do a lot for your little ghost's character so chose you close-set-serial-killer eye placement with consideration)

Use the black FOOD SAFE pen(I do not mean a regular non-toxic pen, I mean an actual food coloring pen) to dab a little 'oh' mouth onto you marshmallow and behold, an instagram worth sugar spook!

I think these little puffy poltergeists do their best work floating ethereally in a piping hot chocolate, but should you feel compelled to KILL IT WITH FIRE, they would add a little extra creepiness to a marshmallow toasting cookout.

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