Happy Halloween Pandemic Style: Trick or Treat that'll keep Boris and his besties happy

October 19, 2020


Mask wearing this October 31st has a whole different meaning than it did last year. A bobbed apple a day *should* keep the doctor away, but maybe not in 2020- with new official restrictions and common sense dictating that parties, trick or treating, and the usual halloween celebrations are off the table, here's some ideas of how to keep the kiddos entertained.

Keep Trick or Treating VERY local

How many doors do you have in your home? Probably quite a few! Set up a little trick, leave a puzzle, or write a riddle (or, y'know, find one on the internet from someone whose brain hasn't been melted by pandemic parenting) for each door in your home- if your intrepid trick or treaters can complete the puzzle, survive the trick, or solve the riddle then it's treatin' time. 

Trick or Treat Scavenger Hunt

Compile a simple scavenger hunt that takes your mini monsters around your house, garden, or local park- have hem find a list of seasonal spooky things (a stick that could be a magic wand, spider web, something orange etc)- who ever finds everything gets a treat!

To make things really simple use my Hello Holly Halloween Hunt! This is pitched as smaller kiddos, but it's cute a spooky fun for families to all get involved in. Print off a check list for each tick or treater, and print off one set of horrors to hunt. They're formatted for basic A4 paper to make them easy to print and cut out at home, but if they can be blown up and even laminated if your planning a bigger scale, outdoor adventure!

To download the PDF checklist and the printable spooks to spot...

Trick or Treat by Mail

There is nothing quite as exciting as getting post when your a child- especially when it's actually addressed to you and not just the junk mail that the grown ups don't want. 

Team up with a couple of friends for a Trick or treat exchange by mail- a bit like one of those pyramid/chain letter things but less Ponzi more pick-n-mix.

Fill a box with some halloween treats, some games, some charade suggestions, a few riddles, and even some funny frights- then post them off to your trick or treaters in time for the 31st. If packages arrive in the days leading up to Halloween just save them to open up that evening once the kiddos are in costume- a bit of anticipation over 'whats in the box' (but, like, stuff from Flying Tiger and Wilko not Gwyneth Paltrow's head) will go a long way to make up for missing out on traditional trick or treating.

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