Chili syrup popcorn and whipped cinnamon butter popcorn

April 24, 2012

Sweet and savoury popcorn snacks, perfect for a mid morning
munch or a a party nibble
Charlie and I went to Cheltenham this weekend and on the advice of our lovely friend Harrie and had lunch at The Tavern on Royal Well Place. Their website is where to can find out a little bit more about them and sign up to their mailing list. This place was brilliant, having recently undergone a make over the atmosphere is relaxed trendy, with reclaimed vintage decor including a 6ft union jack on the wall and old classroom chairs and stools. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable about the tasty morsels on the menu, recommending with honesty and enthusiasm when asked.

As we sat down we were given some popcorn to snack on as we made our choices for lunch, it was drizzled with a lovely sweet chili sauce which I have tried to recreate below. I've also listed a lovely whipped cinnamon butter of my own making that I like to melt over popcorn when watching a movie on a Saturday night or a glass of wine with the girls!

So a massive thanks to The Tavern in Cheltenham,, if you are in the area I would definitely recommend it, but if you can't get there then this is my interpretation of their chili popcorn.

Chili syrup recipe:

400ml water
150g caster sugar
1 red chili

Pour your water into a pan on the hob on a high heat and bring to the boil, shake in your sugar and swirl the pan until it dissolves. Turn the pan onto a heat that's high enough to keep the syrup bubbling but not so much that it will boil over.

Whilst the syrup is bubbling, finely chop your chili. Slice a little off the pointy end of the chili to test the heat of it, my chili wasn't too fierce so I chopped it all up including the seeds. If your chili is very, very hot then only add half of it and leave out the seeds.

When the syrup has reduce by a third add your chili and swirl the pan around, continue to bubble the syrup until it has reduced by another third and its done. You should have a beautiful crystal clear syrup with a slightly orange tint, flecked with flake of bright red chili.

Allow the syrup to cool a little so when you pour it on your popcorn you can actually pick it up ans eat it without burning your finger! Drizzle it over warm freshly popped corn.

Whipped cinnamon butter recipe:

50g salted butter
2 tsp ground cinnamon
2 tbsp icing sugar

Pop the butter into a non metallic dish and warm in the microwave for 20 seconds, you don't want the butter to be completely melted just warmed and softened so it's easy to whisk.
Sieve the cinnamon and icing sugar into the bowl and whisk until light and fluffy with an electric hand whisk. The butter will be coloured by the cinnamon but will become a lot lighter in colour and have doubled in size when its ready.

You can dollop this straight onto your warm popcorn, however to make it looks a bit special for a party you can make whipped butter stars.

Spoon and smooth the butter into a small tupperware dish that's been lined with clingfilm and put it in the freezer for 10 mins. The butter will have hardened enough for you to use a cookie cutter to create star shapes or any shapes you like. Place these shape on top of warm popcorn and allow the butter to melt and run though all the knobbles of the popcorn... delicious!

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