Coronation Chicken Naan Sandwich

It's time for Indian food again! A little pang of homesickness (possible brought on my new office picture from a colleague) made me crave my all time favourite sandwich filling from the realm- Coronation Chicken.

Originally made to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, it was inspired by Jubilee Chicken, also made to celebrate a royal occasion- George V's silver jubilee.

Having finally found some pre-made naan bread in the market (I make my own when I have the time but pre-made are always a timesaver, especially for lunches) I thought it about time to whip up some corrie chicken.

Ingredients: Makes 2 sandwiches

2 Naan
Chicken (for a lunch I would use about 1 breasts worth of chicken- freshly grilled and cooled, left over roasted chicken or shredded cold cuts)
2 tablespoons mayonaise
1 teaspoon curry powder
1 tablespoon mango chutney
2 tablespoons slices almonds
Salt and pepper

2 tablespoons yoghurt
1 teaspoon dried mint
About 2 inches of a cucumber

Red onion


Mix together all the ingredients for the chicken filling and combine well.

Grate about two inches of the cucumber into a separate bowl then add in the yoghurt and dried mint, mix well and season with a little salt.

Pile half the chicken into a naan, drizzle over some of the yoghurt dressing then top with finely sliced red onion and shaved cucumber.

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  1. Mouthwatering recipe. One of my favorites. Thanks for posting this.