The lazy girl's cafe au lait

April 05, 2016

I love a steaming hot, milky coffee.

I don't have a coffee maker, I've got a french press and we once laid claim to an unwanted machine that takes individual brew pod (was not a fan, too up so much space and made SO much rubbish from all those little pots). I'd would like one but honestly, if our recent car debacle has taught me anything, I'd need to spend some serious money to get something that's going to give the results I want not going to crap out on me entirely ruining my Saturday.

That epiphany realised, it's also pretty clear that spending $500 on a cappuccino maker when expecting your first two children is not the wisest fiscal decision. So lazy girl cafe au laits are here to stay!

There's nothing ground breaking going on here, the only way I deviate from the norm is I like to let my ground brew fully immersed in boiled water for a minute before pouring them through a filter. I find that the pour over method doesn't quite give me the strong flavour I like in an espresso based drink. It doesn't take any longer as I let my grounds steep for as long as my milk is in the microwave, about two minutes.

So this is my go to, at home coffee, what's your favourite way to make coffee?

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