Totes Toast: La Brea Bakery

April 28, 2016

Toast glorious toast! A breakfast staple, the humble toast hides its light under a bushel when it comes to its versatility.

A couple of weeks back I posted a recipe:


I cooked this recipe live on The Rhode Show, and when 'National Grilled Cheese Day' popped up a few days later I couldn't resist shouting all about my decadent grilled cheese recipe on twitter:

This caught the eye of La Brea Bakery who very kindly offered to send me some bread so I could keep up my carb addiction.

Wanting to do something simple with these awesome rolls to showcase their delicious flavour, but also give them a really special twist, I though some fancy toast toppings would be just the ticket.

Here are my favourite toast toppings that don't need to be confined to the breakfast table:

Ricotta with Minted Smashed Peas

Smother your toast with whole milk, full fat ricotta and top with smashed peas and freshly chopped mint- season with salt to bring out the natural sweetness of the ricotta.

Smoked Salmon with Radishes and Lemon

Slick a light coating of cream cheese on to the toast then top with smoked salmon (make it pregnancy friendly by pan frying your smoked salmon and having this treat hot!). Thinly slice the radish and lay over the salmon, then grate over lemon zest for a zingy finish.

Avo Toast with Red Onion and Chili Flakes

The new classic, avocado toast is rich and creamy yet full of goodness and perfect for a morning energy boost, light lunch or snack. Mash ripe avocado with salt and pepper and smoother over the toast, top with slices of red onion and a shake of chili flakes.

Goat Cheese with Sweet Strawberries and Black Pepper

Thickly spread the goat cheese over the toast then top with ripe, sliced strawberries. Season with freshly ground black pepper for a savory/spicy/sweet sophisticated snack.

Dill Cream Cheese and Cucumber

Like the traditional English tea sandwich, these fresh flavours are amazing atop crunchy toast. Chop fresh dill and mix into cream cheese, spread across the toast then top with thinly sliced cucumber and more fresh dill.

Mozzarella, Tomato and Pesto

An upside down caprese salad on its own giant crouton! Cut the fresh mozzarella into thick slices and fan over the toast, pile chopped tomatoes on top and drizzle over pesto, finish with thinly sliced fresh basil.

Which one will you try first?

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