Homemade Garden Games: X's + O's

May 24, 2016

With sunny weather on the way (and our baby shower planned as an al fresco affair) I wanted to have some garden games to keep our guests, and littlest guests, occupied!

I love wooden garden games, but goodness can they be pricey! Rather than shell out a small fortune on games I made some of my own- look out for my Rope Ring Toss DIY coming up on the blog soon as well.

You will need:

2 ft x 2 ft piece of sanded plywood- I love the woodgrain
wooden X's and O's- 5 of each
wide masking tape
white spray paint
gold spray paint- or colour of your choice
clear spray varnish


Mark out a nine square grid pattern on the plywood using wide masking tape. Use scissors to make the ends of the tape really square. Smooth down the tape to make sure there are no bubbles or peeling edges where the spray paint could seep through.

Spray the board with white paint, it's better to do a lot of thin coats than one thick coat as the paint will 'ripple' and look uneven. As the surface of the plywood is uneven you will still see the woodgrain pattern through the paint, unless you do lots of coats. I like the white washed grain effect so I stopped at two coats of paint. Allow it to dry throughly.

Spray the X's and O's in gold (or the colour of your choice) be sure not to miss the edges. Once they are completely dry, turn them over and spray the other side. 

This picture was taken before Charlie pointed out that my baby brain led me only to buy three of each teams' piece instead of the required ten pieces in total.... I then went and bought the others.

When everything is dry, peel the masking tape off of the board and coat everything in clear spray varnish to protect it from moisture. I wouldn't leave these outside permanently, but it's a good idea to give them a protective coat to ward against humidity, the odd splash of rain, or gin and tonic.

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