Oven Roasted Garlic

November 17, 2016

Tis the season to be roasting. Autumn to me means slow cooking, roasting and batch cooking comfort food. Garlic features heavily in my home cooking, whether it is the star of the show or a base to built on. 

I've previously extolled the virtues of prepping garlic for easy use in cooking, well this is the fall version!

I usually roast about 15 whole bulbs at a time- the post-roast peeling part is a bit tedious so I'd rather do a huge batch and put that off as long as I can.

Cut the tops off the bulbs to expose the cloves, drizzle them with oil and season with salt and pepper.

Roast at 350F for about two hours, check that the garlic is golden rather than dark brown, if it's colouring too quickly turn your oven heat down- the aim of the game is low and slow.

Once roasted, allow the garlic to cool completely before removing the cloves from the skin. This part is fiddly and tedious but worth it in the end, I'd recommend the peel rather than the smush method, but you do you.

You can keep your cloves whole or blend them into a smooth paste for use as bases, in sauces, to coat meat, in mashed potatoes or spread on toast (YES).

To store, pop them in a jar and cover with a thin layer of oil. The garlic will keep in the fridge for 2 to 3 weeks... but it probably won't be there that long!

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