January 16, 2017

If you're trying to turn over a new healthy leaf in 2017 hop on over to the Mac and Mia blog where I've shared some of my favourite recipes to get you on the right track.

There's no need to cut out flavour, go hungry or live off lettuce to feel healthy (in fact you'll feel anything but- an pretty miserable to boot). Pizza, meatballs and pasta, & roasted port with creamy bean stew are all on the menu, whilst fitting into your healthy eating plan.

I've been trying to get more active this year. Now the boy are happy in a big kid stroller instead of their car seats, it's easier to take them on walks somewhere other than the mall or grocery store!

We've been covering some ground recently (in all weathers!) thanks to our new Baby Jogger Summit X3 (#notsponsoredjustawesome) keeping the kiddos on the move, and my Rockport boots (sponsored but still super awesome) keeping my toes toasty warm. Take a peak at why I love my #madeformovers Rockports, and proof that we do tramp through the snow to meet our daily step goal over on my last blog post.

What's your key to keeping (or getting) fit? Do you have new goals for 2017?

Find the full recipes for these three dishes over on the Mac and Mia blog now!

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