Eating Out

May 21, 2014

We eat out a lot, we've always enjoyed food and dining out but since moving to America our opportunities for doing so have increased tremendously. That's not a criticism of British restaurants or eateries in any way but we've found here that eating out is both far more affordable and far more usual. 

Back home you might go to the pub after work for a few beers or meet friends in a bar for drinks on a Friday night, though drinking still happens it's almost always accompanied by food. In most cases bars in Providence MUST serve some sort of food as a condition of their license. As such food is a huge part of the social scene here and with more places to grab a bite, the range of dishes, styles and flavours is vast!

It might seem at odds that a enthusiastic home cook would admit to eating out and getting take out as much as I do, but I love trying new things- or the same thing in different styles. It sparks my imagination for flavour combinations, makes me want to figure out how to do something myself or makes me miss dishes and flavours that are missing from the American vernacular. Would a writer read other author's works? Would a designer look to fellow designers ideas for inspiration? Certainly!

I'm lucky to get to visit some awesome restaurants, bars and cafes with my work, and our new neighbourhood is packed with great delis, local markets and ethnic stores plus even more restaurants and bars. I want to write about them because they form such a huge part of my food, flavour and ingredient education, both as an untrained home cook and a British transplant.

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