My Kitchen

May 12, 2014

Whilst this is not a DIY blog I feel I owe anyone who likes to see new blog posts and recipes an explanation for my lack of activity recently. 
We've moved home to a fantastic new place that needs a bit of TLC. ESPECIALLY the kitchen. I'm not really sure you can call the room that was there previously a kitchen as it was void of anything remotely kitchen related aside from the oven.

The second picture is of our progress so far, some of it cosmetic some of it practical. There is a new tiled splash back to the main work area, my stand alone worktop unit will be slotting in here. The cupboards above are actually by ClosetMaid and designed for laundry rooms or (giant American) walk in wardrobe spaces. They are perfectly sturdy, with some heavy duty fixings to mount them to the wall and some bolts to hold them together, they will be a perfect pantry!
I'm going to finish off the tops with a piece of moulded trim or short skirting board, the cupboards are actually upside down as I wanted the flush side to be the side at the bottom. There is a nice recess on the (now) tops of the units so I can tuck some fairy lights into the voids to create some nice ambient lighting.

On the subject of lighting, there is only one single ceiling mounted light which is operated by a pull cord, not ideal. I'm going to fiddle about and design a cabling system of extension cords, power strips and hidden lighting to try and make something a bit more user friendly. This will include a switch by the main door to operate the over cupboard and some under cupboard lighting, plus I've plans for something similar that can be easily flicked on when you enter through the back door.

I'd have preferred to have installed a cook hood over the stove but seeing as there is an apartment on top of us and I can't see the point in the fan driven, air recycling hoods this would be purely cosmetic and the space can be put to better use. The plan is to have shelves above the microwave shelf for cookbooks, spices etc. 

We're booking the moving truck for Saturday and have Monday off work for Memorial day so hopefully a three day weekend will give us enough time to move in our things, potter about, put things in place then make a home cooked meal!

The finished product (and some recipes!) coming really, really soon!

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