Egg, Bacon, Artichoke and Rosti Supper Bowl

May 01, 2014

So, work keeps getting in the way of some decent blog dedication.

I follow a number of blogs and get a bit stroppy when new posts are not forthcoming, I then remind myself how neglectful a blogger I am and feel a bit embarrassed.

Same old story: work, life and a billion other things going on. That's not to say i'm not cooking, I try not to be a recipe snob, after all my whole philosophy about cookery blogging is that i'm not a professional, I have no desire to be one, i'm just a home cook. This being said, i'm not sure a blog populated with a lot of repeated old staples would make for interesting reading!

This is a quick supper whip up from last week when I rolled in from work (networking...ok, drinking) and couldn't face ordering a pizza because the last time I called he referred to me by name in a manner of over familiarity only an over reliance on junk food can produce.

Ingredients: Serves 1

1 medium sized red skinned potato
1 small clove of garlic
3 or 4 strips of bacon (American streaky bacon so Brits use 2 or 3 normal slices)
Preserved artichoke in oil, I used the equivalent of one whole choke cut into quarters
1 egg
Salt and pepper


Start by grating your potato in a bowl, I don't peel it (just make sure it's clean) but you can if you wish. Sprinkle over a little salt and let it stand for about 5 minutes. This won't be long enough for the air to make the potato go brown but it will allow time for the salt to encourage out some excess liquid.

Squeeze the grated potato over a sieve in the sink to squish out as much liquid as you can, lay out the grated potato on some paper towel whilst you get your pan ready.

Use a small frying pan to make your rosti, heat it up with a little of the artichoke preserving oil. Before it get's very hot, grate in your garlic, you want it to sizzle gently but not colour too quickly- you want a nice savoury, soft garlic flavour, over-cooking it too quickly will result in a harsh acrid flavour.

When the garlic has sizzled for a few minutes, pile in your potato and press it down into the pan. You want to compress it so that as it cooks it knits together to make a 'cake'. Turn the heat up a little to get a good crispy crust on your rosti, fry for about 3 or 4 minutes then turn the heat to a low/medium to allow the rosti to cook through with out burning. You will need to flip it over midway through cooking- at about the 10 minute mark, keep prying the rosti up to see if it's browned and if the strands of potato have knitted together before you flip!

In another pan fry your chopped bacon in a little of the artichoke oil until it's cooked but not crisp, throw in the artichoke (they don't need to cook just warm through) and continue to fry until the bacon crisps.

Turn out your rosti on to a hot plate and pile your bacon and artichoke on top, return the bacon pan to the stove and use it to fry your egg. The rosti, bacon and artichoke will stay warm whilst the egg cooks if you pop them on a hot plate. If you have no hot plates (or have gotten to this point having not heated up a plate in preparation... sorry!) then pop it all in the oven on a low heat whilst you fry your egg. A fried egg takes moments to cook so it's not a huge exercise in culinary timing!

When cooked pile this on top of your rosti, bacon and artichoke and enjoy!

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