Interview: North Bakery

July 18, 2014

Interview with North Bakery Providence Rhode Island

Interview with North Bakery Providence Rhode Island
I was recently asked by Taste Trekkers to write about my favourite bakeries in Providence. I found out so much chatting to the pastry makers on my list that I wanted to share these extra goodies with you on my blog!

New to the Providence bakery scene, North Bakery on Battey Street is the little sister to it's eponymous bijou brother just around the corner on Luongo Square.

I had the opportunity to grab a few moments with the masters behind the muffins- or rather, Dan Dan Handpies:

1) What prompted you to open North Bakery in the wake of the success of North

The bakery was really a product of the space. We found the space on craiglist for a really inexpensive rent, but we knew it had some limitations. It needed a ton of construction, which we had never done before, and had no gas. We had wanted to bring our friend Kelly Dull on to our team, and wanted to do something that was open during the day, so we figured a bakery would be a great new addition to our restaurant.

2) What was it about the West Side location that made you choose it for the home of North & North Bakery?

My team of managers (there are five of us) all graduated from the same class of JWU, we all lived in the West Side during school. That started almost a decade ago, and the neighborhood is very near and dear to our hearts - we all still live here. The rents are inexpensive enough that there are still opportunities, and yet the the neighborhood feel super dynamic and open to change

3) Where does your inspiration for flavours come from?

Much as we consider North a non-traditional American restaurant, we consider North Bakery a non-traditional American bakery. We like to either take familiar flavor profiles and turn them in an unexpected but recognizable way, or more often arrive at a familiar flavor in a way a person did not expect. We have no real hard and fast rules other than that it needs to be delicious. 

4) What is your favourite menu item?

A hot cup of counter culture coffee and a nut bar is probably my favorite breakfast in providence. But I'm also a sucker for Kelly's chocolate chip cookies (which are perfect).

5) What is your favourite Providence bakery, aside from yourselves of course!

We are very good friends with the guys at Foremost Baking Company, they started up when we opened the restaurant and were one of their first clients. The restaurant still uses some of their bread today. 

My favourite nibble from the bakery on my visit was a toss up between the deliciously sweet lemon tart topped with toasted meringue crumbles and the soft, more-ish coconut macaroons!

North Bakery
70 Battey Street
(401) 421 4062

Interview with North Bakery Providence Rhode Island

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