Making Jam

July 02, 2014

Making jam is exceptionally simple. This recipe is for what I would refer to as fresh jam, it's lighter than  a preserve and not intended for long term storage. A week or two in the fridge in a jar would be absolutely fine and likely longer, but I made this jam is for adding to shortbread biscuits for July 4th- can you see the colour theme!?

Prompted by finding some delicious strawbugs at a honesty box stand in Tiverton on our way back from a beautiful day at Goosewing Beach, I knew my red, white and blue theme would be in the guise of fruits and pastry!


1 cup fruit- I used blueberries for one jam and strawberries for the other
1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 cup water


Add everything into a sauce pan and bring to a rolling boil, turn down the heat and leave to simmer until the jam has reduced to about a quarter of it's original consistency.

To test the finished viscosity of the jam, drop a little on to a plate that's been in the fridge and is very cold. Let the jam dot cool then poke it, this is the consistency your jam will be when completely cooled.

I did not reduce my jam to quite the 'scone and jam' consistency I would normally as I have plans to add to pastries that will be baked and thus the jam will receive additional cooking latterly.

Pour your jam into sterilised containers, glass is the best. Sterilise by immersing in boiling water, remove them with tongs and let air dry with paper towel over the tops so no dust can sneak in.

Delicious on scones, toast, in cake or in my 'July 4th Shortbread Stars' coming soon!

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