Taste Trekkers: My Top 5 Bakeries in Providence

July 10, 2014

I was recently asked by Taste Trekkers to write about my Top 5 Bakeries in Providence. I baulked a little at the challenge, however as a frequenter of the many baked good meccas of Providence I felt I could do justice to 'MY' Top 5 Bakery run down.

"Choosing the top five of any food category in Providence is going to delight and disappoint, cause contention and elation and be ever changing as exciting new and traditional established vendors vie for the hearts of Providence food lovers.
The bakery selection in Providence is incredible, with the vibrant influences of Downcity, progressive West Side and classic East Side culinary communities continuing to offer delights of the pastry variety, here is one version of Providence’s Top 5 Bakeries...."

My top picks include:

Foremost Baking Company
Ellie's Bakery
North Bakery
Olga's Cup and Saucer
Seven Stars Bakery

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