Baking Paper

September 08, 2014

Have you ever tried wrestling with exceptionally bothersome baking paper, trying to fit it into the corners and around the pan? Seemingly trying to fit a very square peg into a very round hole?

Here is a simple trick to get your baking paper to behave- give it a good old scrunch!

Screw the paper into a tight ball, don't tear it though, and roll it around in your hands. The warmth from your handS will soften the wax coating, making it less disagreeable.

Flatten out the paper, it should be crisscrossed with wrinkles and feel a lot softer to the touch. It will now be a whole lot easy to press into your pan's corners.

To keep it in place as you tuck it into the dish, dab a little butter into the pan to keep the paper stuck where it should be.

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