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May 09, 2016

With less than 10 weeks to go until my 'hoped for' due date, we've been getting all the final bits and bobs ready for the babies.

Identical twin pregnancies don't typically last as long as singleton pregnancies, because there's only so much room in the womb, and the placenta get's a bit work out catering for two tiny humans instead of one.

36 weeks is a generally agreed upon best of both worlds, long enough cooking to make the need for NICU time as little as possible, but soon enough before the babies get two squashed... I'm no OBGYN, but I'm marking my calendar with a mid July birthdate!

One of the things I'd really like is a lovely baby book. I've read through the one my parent's filled out for me, with my foot print, lock of hair and details my family at the time I was born. 

I've searched for one that I love but haven't come across any that really make my heart sing and do everything I wanted them to do. 

We've been having very frequent ultrasounds(again because the babies are identical) so I want space to keep all of our ultrasound pictures. I'd like to paste in photos of Charlie and I getting the nursery (and rest of the house!) ready for our new arrivals. I'd also like one book that I can record these things in for both babies. 

Some of the books that almost hit the spot for me were really spendy, and needing two, it all added up very fast! 

So, I made my own!

I chose to use a large, blank paged sketch book so I could fill it with the things I wanted to remember, without the invariable sports or dog themes that seem to be on so many 'boy' baby books!

You will need:

A blank sketchbook of your choice- This one was about $8
Wite Out/Tippex
Sheet of copy paper
Masking tape
Ball point pen
Light source (such as a lamp, window during the day, or your cell phone torch)


Decide on the design you'd like on the front of your book, I choose to use a large typographic design.

The font I chose is called Sweetpea, it is available to download for free from for personal use.

Lay out your design then print on regular copy paper, being sure your design will fit on the size of your front page.

Once the ink is dry, lay the page onto the front of your book and secure with masking tape- you'll remove this later.

Draw over the outline of your design with your ball point pen, being sure to press hard so that it's indents onto the front cover of your book. Do this for the whole design, peel back the paper to check the design is completely transferred

When you're done, remove the paper. Colour in the design with the Wite Out/Tippex. I wanted a white design particularly, and chose to use correction fluid instead of paint as it would dry quickly and reduce the chances of smudges.

Use an angled light to make the indentations easier to see. I used the light from a window for most of it, but also used the torch from my cell phone for any really tricky bits.

If you want a coloured design, I'd use acrylic paint and be sure to let it dry thoroughly!

Let the design dry, then fill the pages with the memories of your pregnancy and baby, or babies!

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  1. This is a great idea! I love the simple strategy, and it looks perfect. So much better than buying a pre-made one, I say.

    1. Thank you! It's lovely to have something completely personal :)