Maid Pro: Maid Pro Cares Pays it Forward

May 12, 2016

So nesting is a thing. The irony of it being that mine is kicking into high gear just as being able to lift the vacuum or bed down to pick stuff of the floor is becoming... well, impossible.

Charlie and I have been hustling to get the house finished before the babies arrive (and ideally before our baby shower, which is kind of doubling as our house 'reveal' to those friends that saw the house at it's worst!). We've managed to finish off the giant to do list, most of which with me perched on a strategically placed stool or sat on the floor on a nice cushion. Floor mopping from a stool however yields a really clean 2 or 3 square foot area, but not much more.

I knew of the local Maid Pro team, and have even used them in the past for when I just couldn't face cleaning up anymore plaster dust. But when I was nominated and won their monthly Maid Pro Providence Cares draw for a free house clean, I dropped to my knees with joy (though not actually, because of all that stuff I just said about being the size of a house and about as mobile).

Owners of the Providence Maid Pro operation Brian O'Toole and his partner Tom St.Germain, started the ventures in 2007 after Brian discovered the business through his first post college job. Having enjoyed working with the company, opening his own branch in Providence (home to his alma mater Johnson and Wales University) seemed like the right move.

After establishing themselves in the city Brian found himself wanting to give back to his community, and began the Maid Pro Cares monthly house clean giveaway:

"There are so many people out there that something as simple as cleaning their home has become a burden or is physically impossible and we are happy to help out someone in need. It is always a fulfilling feeling to know that you made someone's day."
Brian O'Toole, owner of MaidPro Providence

Speaking about the difference the initiative makes to people, Brian told me his favourite story is one of a recent winner who's father needed a helping hand:

"Quinn's dad had an accident which has left him a quadriplegic. With no movement in this arms or legs he relies on the help of others for simple tasks such as eating or dressing. Lately his help has not been consistent so Quinn has helped out a lot. We're happy to now help her out!"

Having set up my clean, choosing the 9am-1pm time slot I got on with my day pottering about the house and writing. I don't have a key with Maid Pro, but they do have a fully insured key holder process meaning you absolutely don't have to wait in for them if you've got a busy day or need to get off to work.

Amber, the lady coming to spruce up the house, called me about twenty minutes before she arrived to let me know she was on her way and check I was still good with all the arrangements.

I'd emailed with Brian about the type of cleaning I'd like (I'm a stickler for a sparking bathroom!) but even if I hadn't expressed a preference, or been sure about what I actually wanted, Maid Pro's 49 point check list makes sure nothing gets left out. You can tailor it to your liking, adding on additional services such as fridge and oven cleaning as needed. 

Amber, a bubbly mum of a nineteen-month-old baby boy, was friendly and professional as I gave her a tour of the house and we chatted through what I'd really love for her to do whilst she was here. As a mum of a little one, she was really understanding of my bump induced limitations! In the past I've felt a bit guilty having a cleaner in, especially if I'm at home doing something like writing, where I could well just be faffing about on facebook for all the hardworking person scrubbing my kitchen is aware. 

Amber was so easy to chat to and have in my personal space, I didn't once feel like she was judging my laptop tapping or flat lay photo shooting as she worked away in the other room. 

Maid Pro provide all the cleaning equipment and products they need to get the job done, other than my usual British offering of a cup of tea, Amber didn't need anything from me to get started, popping her headphones in and getting down to work right away.

In the time she was with me, Amber deep cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, including polishing up the stainless steel appliances to a shine I'm pretty sure they didn't even have when they were new from the store. All the floors were vacuumed and everything straightened up and made beautiful.

There's sometimes that feeling of wanting to do things your way when hiring someone to perform a service for you, like washing and drying your own hair after a hair cut. That is not the feeling I experienced. At. All. 

Having chatted through my priorities for the clean and shown Amber around the house, she did everything just as I would have, only about a billion times better.

I was here when Amber finished up, so she gave me a brief run down of what she'd done. If I hadn't been here (and Maid Pro held my key) I'd have had the same detailed debriefing from the 49 point checklist Amber had filled in a left in the kitchen for my records- completely with an adorable little note wishing me lucky with my twin baby buns!

If you know someone that deserves a helping hand around the house, maybe they're having a tough time with their healthy, are super busy at work, or just really need a day off from house hold chores, you can nominate anyone (within the Maid Pro Providence catchment area) for any reason you see fit. There's no obligation to sign up for further services, or any additional charges for the free cleaning prize (unless you want to leave a tip which is completely optional), so why not nominate a couple of friends and be their favourite person for the foreseeable future?

Click here to nominate someone to win the Maid Pro Cares free house clean giveaway

To find out more about Maid Pro Providence visit their website, give them a call on 401.723.4400. You can also find them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

This is not a sponsored post. Though I did not pay for this particular house clean, as I won it through the Maid Pro Cares scheme, I have previously paid for services from Maid Pro and genuinely recommend them for their high quality of work and professionalism... and they are super nice as well.

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