Freeze in Cups

March 19, 2014

As I've said before, I am all about thrifting. And when it comes to food thrifting it's all about portioning, freezing and storing.

If I can see that some tomatoes and bell peppers are starting to get a bit squashy I will ALWAYS knock up a batch of sauce.

Rather than freezing it in one large container, which takes up space, uses up my containers and means i'll have to defrost the whole lot and use it in one go, I freeze it in small portions. This may seem obvious, but I'll advise using plastic or paper cups to hold your portions.

A regular size plastic cup hold enough sauce for a simple pasta meal for two or one portion of soup or chunky sauce (chicken curry, beef stew etc). They are cheap, disposable and, once frozen with some cling film on top, can be tucked into any space that's available in your freezer.

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