Hot and Dirty Martini

March 09, 2014

Huge thanks to a new friend, Anna, for introducing me to this bad boy!

Charlie is really the martini fan in our house, I do like them but that medicinal almost chemical sharpness of spirit means I really rather a flavoured martini- watered down a little with juice or the astringent sting of drink smoothed by additions.

Another fuss of mine is that alcoholic drinks are often incredibly sweet, i'm discovering Bloody Marys all over again and am really developing a taste for savoury drinks.


2 measures vodka
1 measure Vermouth
splash of olive juice
4 or 5 drops of Sriracha
3 green olives (stuffed w/ blue cheese if you want it really savoury)

Shake the vodka, Vermouth, olive juice and Sriracha over ice until the cocktail shaker is too cold to hold with bare hands.

Pour into a chilled martini glass and garnish with the olives.

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