PVD Hoot's Birthday

October 30, 2014

Happy first birthday PVD Hoot!

Making a cake for someones birthday is always fun, but when you know you're making a cake for about seventy people to celebrate the first anniversary of an incredible event- it's even better!

This week i've been up to my eyes in cupcakes and buttercream, making sure I have enough mini cakes to keep all the musicians and music lovers attending PVD Hoot's first birthday party happy.

Keeping it simple (which as we know is always a winner!) I stuck with the traditional birthday cake, vanilla sponge topped with sweet butter cream icing. These were of course coloured in the HLTC style and topped with some edible shimmer- don't just live the brand, eat it. And then stick some glitter on top!

Although many recipes will tell you otherwise, I always bake with salted butter. Some recipes will call for an addition of salt but I find that slated butter has just the right ratio of salt to sweet and has never ended up with cakes or bakes resembling a horse lick.

Using salted butter in the buttercream give the icing a sweet and tangy flavour- think of how salt is added to super sweet thinks like toffee, caramel or chocolate to bring out the flavour, it's exactly the same principle.

Have you got an event that you'd like some tiny sparkly cakes or something a little bigger baked for? Having a holiday party in desperate need of some fancy canapes? If so let me know!

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