Truffle Cake Pops

October 31, 2014

Truffle Cake Pops

Truffle Cake Pops

Truffle Cake Pops

These are not the cakes pops that have become popular recently, these are the pops that I have been making for yonks, ever since I found myself with cake off cuts and leftover butter cream.

You can now buy 'cake pop baking tins', which makes me wonder why not just bake cupcakes? Sure it's a different shape but it's basically just a cupcake on a stick. Truffle cake pop's satisfy two  requirements: 1) They are a thrifty way to use up leftovers 2) They are an entirely different treat to a cupcake.

You may find yourself with cake off cuts if you are making an odd shaped cake, like my doll house cake, and I usually find I may way too much icing, i'm not sure if this is due to a lack of understanding of volume or my sub conscious desire to always have cake pops in the fridge?

Crumble up your left over cake and add it into the buttercream, I have no specific measurements for you as this is always a left over recipes, but you want to be sure that the cake crumbs are quite fine and that there is enough butter cream to coat all the crumbs well.

When it's all mixed into a sticky mess, pop it into the fridge for the butter to firm up and make forming the pops easier.

After a couple of hours, scoop out a heaped table spoon of the mix and roll between your palms to form into a ball. The butter will melt if handled too much so try and keep the shaping time to a minimum.

The sticky surface of the buttercream is great for sticking coatings like sprinkles or edible glitter to. Other coatings you can try are edible spray paint or dipping in melted chocolate. This is really a recipe you make work for you based on your preferences and what you have in the pantry!

Slide a stick into the pop- I used robust paper straws ad I likes the pattern (or make smaller balls and serve as little truffles), and pop back into the fridge for the butter to harden.

These little lovelies are a total sugar over load so whilst thrifty and healthy for your pocket, they are certainly falling onto the naughty but exceptionally nice category!

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