Baby Shower Thank You Cards

October 24, 2016

Ok, so I meant to press 'go' on this post about four months ago and then a bunch of stuff happened! I did send out our Thank You cards HORRENDOUSLY late, but not quite as late as I'm publishing this post.. honest!

We hadn't planned on having a baby shower, they aren't traditional in the UK so it didn't really occur to us that we might have one. 

As it turns out we're having two! Upon hearing that we probably weren't doing having a pre-baby party, Charlie's colleagues very kindly said they wanted to throw us a little lunch party. At around the same time, my wonderful girlfriends, also asked if we had any plans- when we replied 'Maybe a beer or two in the garden?', they sprung into action planning something for us (be sure to check out the posts and guest posts about the shower in the coming weeks!).

After Charlie's workplace shower, I wanted to send out thank you cards with a personal touch, seeing as how they had made it such a special afternoon for us.

I knew I wanted to use a finger print heart design, two overlapping prints to represent our two babies, in a heart shape, to show our love and thanks to the people that made the day so lovely. As our babies tiny finger prints are still cooking, my little finger/pinkie print stood in for authentic baby prints!

I used some simple white cards with matching envelopes, a pale teal ink pad and a 'thank you' stamp for the inside of the card.

Though some of the hearts ended up a little bit wonky, I think it adds to the handmade feeling of the cards!

The two fingerprint design work really well for us as we're having two babies, but it would also be lovely for one baby. Another idea would be to use one finger print and add little details to it with a fine fiber tip pen, such as little eyes and a smile to make it into a character. You can also mix up the colours if you want something gender specific (blue/pink) or if you don't know the sex of your little one or are a gender neutral kinda clan then why not try something super cool like gold?!

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