Getting your home Fall ready

October 02, 2016

Fall, or Autumn as my mother tongue would name this time of year, is without a doubt my favourite season.

I'm a pale redhead, so as much as I like the idea of the summer, now that I live in a country that actually has a summer, the chance of me bursting into flames when in direct sunlight is real possibility!

Now that the days are cooling off, the light is becoming golden, and that British staple 'drizzle' is a common feature of the forecast, my mood is well and truly lightened. I pretty much have Seasonal Affective Disorder but backwards. I have DAS.

Here are some small ways to bring the season into your home that are a little different from the ubiquitous bright orange pumpkins and hay bales:

Change out your hand soap for something warm and spicy

I picked up these natural beauties from Evolve Apothecary and Spa on Hope Street in Providence. Made by Farmaesthetics out of Newport here in Rhode Island, these all natural handmade blocks not only smell incredible, but you know there are no nasties hiding in them. 

I chose the 'Rainwater + Clove', and the 'Rainwater + Cider' scents. The clove is spicy and warming, whilst the cider is more subtle, but both infuse the unmistakeable scent of autumn into my kitchen when ever I lather the hand cut blocks in my hands.


Fragrance your home with scented candles- and FYI, Autumn colours don't have to be red + orange!

Like the scented soaps, fragrant candles instantly transition your home from summer to autumn, especially if you choose the right scents.

Don't skimp on scented candles, it's worth spending the money on a quality candle with an authentic scent rather than something artificial that will end up giving you a headache.

Some signature autumnal scents are:
  • Cinnamon
  • Apple
  • Clove
  • Nutmeg
  • Bay Leaf
  • Honey & Oat
  • Vanilla
  • Coffee
  • Plum
I chose a beautiful candle from Aster Candle, made here in Rhode Island. After spending quite some time in Stock Culinary Goods on Hope Street sniffing all the options, I plumped for the Sagittarius scent. Not only does the cinnamon, oakmoss and peach fragrance give a sweet, warm scent to my living room, my star sign is Sagittarius- so it was meant to be!

As for colour, as much as I love reds, golds and oranges you don't have to feel constrained to just that palette.

See below for my approach to colours for each season.


Get cozy- coordinating baby optional

The best way to make your home warm and cozy is to fill it with chunky textiles, within grabbing distance of a sofa, a good book, and a hot cup of coffee (or a LARGE glass of wine).

I like natural textures, chunky designs and neutral colours like grey, cream, brown and white.

Changing your smaller soft furnishing is a quick and easy way to change your space from season to season. When I decorate a room I lean towards a neutral palette for the permanent features of the room, such as walls, flooring, woodwork, and the large pieces of furniture. To dress and style the room I use curtains, accent pillows, throws and accessories to direct the look and feel of the room. 

These accessories and small pieces can be changed out and altered to reflect changing trends or seasons:

Spring- Pastel colours, light fabrics and textures, clear and frosted glassware, lighter furniture pieces, pale metallics, florals. Clean, bright fragrances.

Summer- Brighter colours, light fabrics with sturdy textures such as canvas and rough hewn cotton, lighter curtains to allow a breeze to enter, furniture and accessories that evoke 'indoor/outdoor' living such as lanterns, lush plants, natural wood and stone. 

Fall- Rich/warms colour- reds, oranges and yellows are traditional but heavy cream, sage green and slate blues are also favourites of mine for fall. Chunky textured fabrics, warm textiles such as wool and corduroy. Rich metallics like gold, copper, and iron. Candle light and warm fragrances. 

Winter- I like to use bold colours at opposite ends of the spectrum: black and white, with accents of grey and green to soften them. Natural birch bark, ferns, eucalyptus, slate, and marble. Pops of rich cranberry red used sparingly. Heavier curtains and furniture to create a warmer environment.


However you get your home ready for fall, even if it's just turning the heating up a little bit, I hope you enjoy this beautiful season as much as I do!

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