Dripo: The Japanese Style Cold Brew Coffee Maker

October 30, 2016

When you get the call to play with a new coffee maker, especially as a new mum, you say yes. ALL THE YES.

You've heard of diets that warn against empty calories? Well as far as I'm concerned, any calorie that doesn't contain caffeine is an empty one.

I used to be a 10 hours of sleep a night kind of girl, Add two babies into the mix and that's down to about 3 or 4 hours on a good night! It's astonishing how I've adapted to getting less sleep (I say astonishing, my family might say otherwise...), I attribute a lot of my seemingly spritely demeanor to coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

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Dripo by gosh! is a new Japanese style cold brew coffee maker. It's neater and quicker than your usual overnight fridge brewing method, plus for those on the go, the brewer-to-takeaway-cup design is great for a convenient and mess free quick cuppa.

Promising fresh cold brew in two hours, I load up my Dripo once the kiddos have dropped off for a snooze after they morning feed, and have an icy cup of coffee ready for our morning stroll about the neighbourhood a couple of hours later.

Being asked to test a cold brew coffee maker as the season turns from summer to fall (with just a hint of winter in the air) might seem a bit crazy... if I didn't live in Rhode Island. One of the things I learnt during my first winter here a few years back, was that the winter doesn't stop a true Rhode Islander when it comes to iced coffee!

Yes I love my hot coffee, but when I'm dashing about with the kiddos and bundled up for a mummy tummy busting walk around the neighborhood with nearly 50lbs of babies, stroller and diaper bag, I need something to cool me off... and did I mentioned my attitude towards CAFFEINE?!

The Dripo is super stylish and incredibly simple to use, load up the coffee hopper with 30g of your choice of grounds (I'm a breakfast blend kinda gal), place an included paper filter on top of the grounds to disperse the water, fill the reservoir with icy water, screw all the sections together and leave it to do its thing.

A steady drip of cold water will work its way from the reservoir, saturating the grounds, and in turn producing a drip of amber coffee into the tumbler below. 

It can take a little adjusting to the tightness of the screwed together sections to get the vacuum pressure right and get the water dripping steadily, but once you've got this sorted there's nothing left to do but wait for your caffeine boost.

The cold brew is a much gentler flavor than hot coffee, it's softer and not as bitter its hot sister. Served as is; with added ice; or topped off with cream and sugar, once your coffee is ready it's really simple to take it to go.

Unscrew the lid and reservoir from the collection tumbler, lift out the filter basket, and screw the lid back on the collection tumbler which becomes your to go cup.

I like to fill mine up with extra ice to keep it really cold, but I'm also partial to a splash of almond milk which gives a lovely nutty taste without the added sugar from a flavoured syrup.

Get your Dripo from Amazon or at GetDripo.com.

What's your favourite way to get your caffeine fix?

Thank you so much to Dripo for giving me their new coffee maker for free to test out, whilst I did not have to pay for the product I only work with brands and products I genuinely enjoy. Rhode Island does not allow residents to be Amazon Affiliates so the link to the Dripo on this post will not earn me anything and is simple for the convenience of anyone that wants their own super awesome cold brew maker. 

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