Solido Pizza Stone: How to season, perfect pizza, + heavenly roasted veg

October 16, 2016

So we all know that if food could rule then pizza would be our overlord, as such when I was contacted by Solido to check out their new pizza stone I was very excited!

The Solido stone is made of cordierite, the same material used to line pizza ovens. Not only does the quality of the cordierite match the industry leaders in the baking stone market, the Solido stone has a few more feature that set it apart from the rest:

  • Thickness of the stone- The Solido stone is .75 inch thick with another .35 inch added by the spiral feet. That's 1.1 inches of stone cooking surface against the industry leader's .7 inch. The more stone, the better the heat retention, the better the pizza!

  • The unique heat spiral- Not only is a visually beautiful feature, it increases the thermal contact surface of the stone. This means more of the heat in your oven touches the stone, evenly heating it much faster. The increased thickness, combined with the spiral’s wider heat core also gives it great heat retention.

  • Another benefit of the spiral- The stone is now elevated, so it can easily be handled and moved, which makes it incredibly user friendly for the home cook.

The Solido stone was invented, engineered and designed completely in house, combining uncompromising efficiency with a beautiful design.

With professional class features and user friendly design, Solido's mission is to transform every homecook pizza maker into a pizza chef, as they say: "You’re The Chef"

I'll be posting a series of recipes, tips and ideas for how to use your Solido stone over the next couple of weeks, so check back for:

  • How to season your stone (although the Solido stone is ready to cook with right out of the box which is huge time and mess saver!)
  • Recipe: Garlic + Rosemary Bread, Shakshuka Deepsdish, White Pizza, + Calzone
  • Recipe: Not just for pizza! Caraway Roasted Carrots and Parsnips
Get your stone from Amazon now!

Thank you so much to Solido who have provided me their Pizza Stone free of charge for me to play with and test out some recipes on. Though I did receive the item at no cost to myself, I only like to work with products I genuinely enjoy and would use in my real life. Out of respect for my readers and blog visitors I will alway give authentic and honest information and recommendations about any product I work with. The Amazon link is NOT an affiliate link, it is purely for ease of navigation.

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