Simple Hand Printed Baby Onsies

October 14, 2016

I am incredibly lucky to have a grandmother, the boys' great nana, who can knit. I've tried to become a knitter, there's a couple of half finished patchwork blankets and slightly wonky scarves tucked into craft crates in the basement- but i've never quite got the hang of anything that isn't basically some kind of square.

I love that the boys can wear something that's been specifically made for them with so much love! Until my skills with the needles come up to par, my contribution to their handmade wardrobe are these simple potato print onesies.

What is brilliant about this DIY is you can make it your own so, so easily! Change up the colour and style of the onesie- long sleeved, short sleeved, footed PJ's, or T-shirts for older kiddos.

The print you use is entirely down to you as well. Whilst I'd stick with something simple, you've got to cut that thing out of a potato after all, there really is no limit to the print, pattern or colour you choose for your handmade attire.

What you will need:
  • An item of clothing- I chose simple white, long sleeved, footed PJ's
  • Chid safe fabric paint
  • A potato
  • Kitchen paper
  • A template of your pattern- using cooking cutters is a really easy way to cut clear, simple shapes


Iron your item of clothing to remove any big wrinkles, this will make it easier to stamp you pattern clearly.

Cut the potato into slices about half and inch thick, cut our your design using a cookie cutter or a sharp paring knife.

Dab off the excess moisture from the potato stamp on absorbent kitchen paper, otherwise the paint iwll not stick to the stamp and you will get a blotchy print.

Spread the fabric paint evenly onto a plate or tile, dunk the potato stamp into the paint and onto the kitchen paper a few times to get a base of colour on the stamp, test the pressure and amount of paint you should use.

Take a moment to think about how you want to layout your patter: an offset repeat? On line repeat? One bold stamp? The great thing about potato printing is that it retains a very hand made, individual aesthetic so it's very forgiving of wonky lines and mistakes!

Press the potato stamp down firmly and lift away in a fluid motion, try to be decisive about where you're going to stamp to avoid smudges.

If you are going to print both sides of the garment, allow the first side to dry for a few hours before turning it over- obviously.

When finished, allow to dry overnight then wash on a low heat gentle cycle to set the paint and remove any bits that didn't take to make it safe for nibblers.

Iron (if you feel inclined, my kiddos are pretty wrinkled wardrobe wearers!) and wear!

It can be tricky to personalise small children's clothes because any adornments, however well secured, could detach and become a choking hazard. This simple DIY is simple, safe and totally chic!

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